Mission Statement

The human brain has the remarkable ability to adapt in response to changes in the environment over the course of a lifetime. This is the mechanism for learning, growth, and normal development. Similar changes or adaptations can also occur in response to focal brain injuries, e.g., partially-adapted neighboring brain regions or functionally-related brain systems can either substitute for some of the lost function or develop alternative strategies to overcome a disability.

Through ongoing research, the Music and Neuroimaging Laboratory's mission is to:

  • Examine the perceptual and cognitive aspects of music processing including the perception of and memory for pitch, rhythm, harmony, and melody.
  • Investigate the use of music-based interventions as a means for achieving educational and therapeutic goals.
  • Identify the behavioral and neural correlates of learning, skill acquisition, and adaptation in both developing and adult brains in response to changes in the environment or brain injury.
  • Determine the predictors and facilitators of post-stroke language and motor recovery.

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